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What is Face Toner?

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Toner Will Protect Your Skin

Toners will minimize the look of your pores by removing excess oil. By minimizing pores and tightening skin the toner can add a protective layer to your skin from environmental chemicals or dirt in the air or water.

Toner Will Balance Your Skin

After cleansing your face even with a natural soap it can unbalance the natural acidity of the skin so face toner can restore the pH balance.

How to Use Toner

Toner is meant to be used after cleansing your face and before using serums or moisturizers. Apply the toner with a cotton ball dabbing on the face.

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Alchol and frangrances are not as natural or good for the skin and can actually wear down those layers. To attack bacteria and oil toners with tee tree oil will benifit you. Toners that will reduce redness and any inflimation will have Aloe vera in it’s ingredients. If you are looking for hydration Rosewater Toner is for you.

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