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What are the Benefits of Facial Serums?

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What are Facial Serums?

Facial serums are most often water-based highly concentrated with potent active nutrient ingredients for the skin. Facial creams can lock in the moisture but they also lockout active nutrients. These smaller molecules of nutrients easily penetrate the skin deeply to not only hydrate but rejuvenate multiple skin layers. Serums are Good for Oily Skin  Facial serums being mostly water-based are a great way to hydrate for those with oily skin rather than creams and facial oils. These serums being chock full of potent nutrients can irritate sensitive skin types depending on the ingredients.  If you struggle with acne facial serums with retinol will help minimize your pores to be smaller keep them clear for fewer blackheads and whiteheads. Serums are Long Lasting Facial serums being full of nutrients in such a small amount of product means that your bottle should last you months when you apply that couple drops twice daily. Serums are Anti-Aging Not only are serum often full of topical antioxidants they are also full of ingredients like Vitamin C which promotes the production of collagen while boosting skin immunity. Peptide and retinol serums promote the regeneration of old cells and collagen to provide more elasticity of the skin preventing fine lines and wrinkles. If you are looking to try some facial serums we would recommend Aarde Organic and Vegan products like their Vitamin C Serum, Peptide Serum, and Ultra Lifting Serum.


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