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“Let your lips take a trendy winter sips.”

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Winters, yes the gloomy winters can no longer take your bloom away because the trending fashion quotient has been set really high. Amongst all the fashion statements, lipsticks add major flaunting and appealing variations to the look. Playing with dark and bold shades of lipsticks in winters is an all win-win glamour that gets added to this season of festive. With the lipsticks riding and leading on the make-up lanes makes them highly prominent to be chosen wisely for the winters. Thus, the following are highly trending and recommending shades this winter.

It is one of the shades that has seldom been brought to lips game but recently it is observed taking ace over other usual colours. The vibrant tones of burgundy and plum in this shade are the best to flaunt festive vibes around. The shade is suitable for any hour of the day with dark purple being the trendiest amongst all. This shade is witnessed complementing the winter attire to a great extend.

This is the hardest shade to be ignored while thinking of lip pampering. The fascination for red shade has always been at the top. The trends may come &go but red is here to rule. In midst of gloom and greys of the season Red is sure to provide an aura of joy and refreshment. The hues of red are the most sorted and hottest shade to be taken along when it’s chilled & celebration around.

This ultra feminine colour is believed to be merely a summer shade but it is the prominent one to be included in the must have winter list too. It boosts the mood by adding spark to the entire look by serving as the best outing or holiday shade in winters. Additionally this shade would complement the dark skin by adding a decent glow to the look.  

With a pinch of this shade in the look one is ready to jazz up. The glittering gold and bronze are the must try party shades to rock this winter. 

These are the timelessly graceful shades that are more of a need than a trend. The nude shades can never go wrong with any outfit, colour or season. At the same time is advised to choose the shades as per the skin colour to get the best outcome.

This is one of the boldest colours in the row the choice of which is highly unpredictable as it varies person to person. Yet it is considered being the hottest winter shade to delight the occasion. This can be suitably paired with Smokey eyes with an essence of eyeliner and mascara to get a chic makeover. 

Note: It is advised to always align the lipstick shades with a lighter shade of lip liner to avoid it smudging, out of lip line. Infact a nude shaded lip liner can prove out to be a jack for all shades for the purpose. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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