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Why Night creams are important


Skin is the largest organ in the body and is the earliest one to depict any changes owing to one’s stress level, insufficient sleep, nutritional imbalances, bad lifestyle, and choices too, Therefore, it is essential to ensure timely regeneration and repairment of skin.

The fundamental difference between morning and night routine is created by the night cream or serum. The night skincare routine begins with cleansing the skin to remove dirt, dust, sweat, oils, and makeup. To get rid of dead cells it is recommended to use the exfoliator twice or thrice a week for smoother skin. Then on, bringing toner to use in the morning as well as evening is the best way to promote and balance skin pH and turnover. The night cream and serum are wonderful solutions to get healthily nourished and repaired skin by defeating the unwanted skin invaders.

Why Night Cream ?

The studies have proved that at night, cell regeneration & blood flow is at a maximum which is considered the best time for the skincare routine. Additionally, the benefits of making night cream the mandatory part of the skincare routine are as follows:

Criteria for choosing a Night cream

The selection of the right cream depending on the skin type and demand is the very first step towards establishing a routine.

Application of the Night cream

Note: Make sure night cream doesn’t get applied on eyelids.


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