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Know About Facial Oils – Its Myths, Benefits And How To Use

The use of facial oils in cosmetics is spreading like wildfire, and few women are resisting the many benefits it offers. Nowadays, facial oils are giving many benefits to the skin. Meanwhile, those who have not tried it yet wonder: will it be as good as they say? Is it suitable for all skin types? Won’t my skin make me oily?

Here, all the answers you are looking for before setting out to find your ideal facial oil.

What Is Facial Oil?

What is Facial Oil

It is more than a “new” cosmetic mass format. On the one hand, you can find vegan facial oils made from seed or fruit oils with beneficial properties for skincare. One of the main benefits of face oil is that it works from deeper layers of the skin to lock in moisture and prevent dehydration. It achieves this more effectively than any other traditional moisturizer.

As you may have already deduced, facial oils are cosmetic with a very delicate and expensive formulation. That is why we need very little quantity for our daily beauty routine. Three drops of oil are enough to hydrate the skin and neck.

And its effects are visible in the medium term. However, the experience starts from the first treatment.

Myths Of Facial Oil

The main fear when using facial oil is usually that of obtaining an excessively creamy texture that is uncomfortable on the face. However, one of the qualities of facial oils (those explicitly formulated to treat the skin based on plant ingredients) is that they are absorbed as quickly as a cream, as long as we apply them in the right amounts.

Likewise, its oily texture will raise questions for many who fear that facial oils will cause acne breakouts or excess pimples on the skin. Contrary to what we usually think, skins with sebum problems need hydration, and depriving them of it can trigger the opposite effect.

So yes, facial oil is also appropriate for oily skin, and in fact, its natural oil content will help regulate skin oily problems. Certain varieties are especially suitable for combination or oily skin, such as rosehip oil, sesame oil, grape seed oil, etc.

Three Benefits Of Facial Oils

Benefits of Facial Oil1. Results are Instant

Regardless of your skin type, you will be able to see results immediately. This is because the oils work by sealing nutrients in the skin.

Since they function as a protective barrier, they should be applied at the end of your beauty routine. This ensures that you don’t lose moisture on your face.

2. Have more than one function

Facial oils with a Vitamin E base are high in antioxidants and have anti-aging properties to prevent unwanted wrinkles. With suitable facial oils, you can decrease your natural oil production on the face and shrink and clean out your pores.

Organic rosehip oil is chock full of antioxidant ingredients with an excellent light application to lock-in that natural moisture for a great makeup primer. Rosehip Oil is full of Vitamin A/ retinol and Vitamin C, increasing collagen production for firm, brightened renewed skin.

Overall, it strengthens the natural system of nutrition and cell renewal, closes the pores, purifies, and makes the skin glower.

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3. Acts as Moisturizer

Smoother and simultaneously moisturizing, facial oils help remove impurities from the face without damaging the skin.

They can also be used for oily skin, as the ingredients in the formulas help to remove the natural fat from the skin.

Six Ways To Use The Facial Oil

Ways To Use The Facial Oil

  1. The usual way of use is to apply a few drops of the product on the hands, spreading them on the skin, massaging them until they are completely absorbed, either alone or combined with moisturizers to intensify their effect and help improve water retention in the skin.

2. A trick to give the skin an extra softness and elasticity is to spread a few drops of facial oil with olive oil before applying the facial mask to enhance its effects and give it an anti-aging plus, thanks to the contribution of Vitamin E and K.

3. When you are applying make-up, it is a fantastic and very versatile product. To give your make-up a glowy touch, making the skin look juicier and more beautiful, you have to add one or two drops of facial oil to the base before applying it or putting the drops in the hands well distributed the face is made up. Then press lightly on the skin to give it more glow. It also works very well as a primer or overlay before make-up or even to use on tools such as make-up brushes.

4. Apply a small amount of oil on the fingers and apply it on the eyebrow or the upper part of the cheekbones – which brings an amazing glow to your face.

5. Especially before applying matte lipstick, you should use it. So, it helps prepare the lips to hydrate it and prevent it from drying out and cracking, accumulating lipstick pigment in the folds.

6. An exciting beauty secret is to put a few drops of facial oil on the neck or body before spraying the perfume to help make the scent for longer. Voila!


As someone with dehydrated skin, facial oils have helped lock in that moisture I need all day. I would recommend natural organic oils, while other moisturizers have many chemicals and toxins that irritate my sensitive skin. Those products only hydrate the top layer of skin, making me reapply through the day.

The oil’s deep penetration of the skin keeps other toxins out while strengthening that natural skin barrier. For those who live in the city, facial oils can protect against pollutants and smog.

Choose your facial oil now!


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