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Traditional home waxing methods may not be as effective as we think. So the key of any beauty center in Pasadena is to use the appropriate technique to ensure that hair removal is as effective as possible. Today, from All Love Collections, the aesthetic and beauty salon will tell you more about waxing and its benefits, undoubtedly many of them you did not know!.

If you have never waxed before, you should know that it is one of the most essential treatments for women and men. The waxing can remove hair from the roots, slowing their growth for an average of 4 – 6 weeks. Waxing is for almost all body areas, from the face (mustache, eyebrows, and more) to large areas such as legs or arms. And the best thing is that it can provide various benefits for your skin.

Benefits Of Waxing Pasadena

Gives you Smooth and Glow Skin

When you wax at home, you may have natural marks, such as red dots or even cuts and wounds (if you use a blade). If the waxing is done correctly in a professional center like All Love Collections in Pasadena, this does not happen.

On the other hand, wax can helps to exfoliate your skin and remove dead cells in the epithelium. With the exfoliation of the wax, you can help your skin to be completely soft, pleasant to the touch, and you can enjoy a beautiful natural shine without leaving marks of suffering.

Slows Hair Growth

Another well-known benefit is that you will notice that the hair grows more slowly each time you undergo one more waxing session. As the wax removes hair from the roots, it weakens the hair follicle, making the hair come out very slowly and weak. It is one of the methods that make your hair grow very slow.

Effective & Economical: Waxing In Pasadena

Compared to other methods, it is suitable for anyone. The prices are affordable and convenient. In addition, the techniques used make it possible to define small areas very well, such as the bikini area or the eyebrows.

Waxing in All Love Collections Pasadena

The best thing is that you always put yourself in the hands of professionals, being very important to do it from the first time you start hair removal. Remember, also, that it is indicated even for adolescents who already have quite noticeable hair growth.

Choose your aesthetic All Love Collections center in Pasadena, which gives you more trust and answers all your questions about waxing.

Common Questions about Waxing

Despite being one of the most common hairs removal procedures, there are still many doubts about the waxing process. And we will clarify some of them below. Check out!

Does waxing hurt?

It depends on each person and the level of sensitivity of each person. But one thing is a fact, as you continue with the sessions, the pain will lose its intensity.

In the beginning, the hairs are still thick, so the removal can end up being more painful. However, if you continue to perform epilation, the hair will grow thinner. Soon, the pain will be reduced.

Can deodorants cause irritation?

Yes, it hurts. Alcohol deodorants must be avoided after waxing. It can cause an allergic skin reaction, which is not the expected result for those who shave.

In these situations, the most suitable is odorless deodorants – they have less chemical composition.

Can people with skin allergies do waxing or not?

People with allergies indeed need to consult their dermatologists to check the conditions of their epilation. Despite this, it is a myth that they cannot shave with wax.

Waxing procedure – Before and after

As shown above, there are several advantages of waxing hair for a woman’s skin. However, it is essential to take some precautions before and after the procedure to decrease the chances of undesirable skin reactions.

Check out the tips we have prepared:

Waxing Pasadena at All Love Collections

All Love Collections are recognized by the standardization of the service and guarantee of quality. The service will always be done by trained professionals who will guarantee all the benefits mentioned above.

Our team has a wax with an exclusive formula, which guarantees a faster procedure, with less pain and more comfort for your hair removal.

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