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organic oils to fix the spoils

What cooking oils are to food, the essential oils are to the skin. The required use of essential oils can treat various skin ailments. These oils are extracted out of flowers, leaves, and seeds, therefore they are completely organic. Each oil holds certain specialties which make them the prominent ones to fix almost all form of spoils in the skin. What needs to be cautiously adhered with is, which oil meets the desired skin goals. As a result, there exist several essential oil so let’s understand what is needed for feeding the respective skin type. 

Dry skin is often believed to be treated well with creams and moisturizers, but essential oils stand highly effective to provide a big relief to this. The lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood oils are the best ones for these unhydrated skins. These oils help to balance the skin moisture level and act as an anti-inflammatory too. Oily skin is the result of excessive humidity, heat, and hormonal factors. Therefore, rosemary oil, clary sage, neroli stands as the prominent ingredient to balance the molecules in this skin type. Lemon, cinnamon, and tea tree oil are highly effective for treating acne-prone skin. These oils act anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and rejuvenate the dead skin cells. Skin rashes are the majorly observed skin ailment that can be effectively treated with essential oils such as lavender, cinnamon, geranium, eucalyptus, and patchouli oil. These oils play an essential role to reduce itchiness and pain arising out of skin rash. Along with acne and rash, people are often worried about skin pigmentation too. So, one needs to ensure using pomegranate, carrot seed, and tangerine oil to promote the health of the skin. On the other hand essential oils like jojoba, sunflower seed, and coconut, argan, and rose oils help to create young-looking and refined skin. With the use of these oils the ability of the skin to fight ailments increases and skin aging can be avoided up to a great extend.

Now the question arises how these essential oils shall be brought to use. These oils can be inhaled or used directly on the skin, but only after a patch test. Additionally, diffusers are becoming the popular way to disperse the oils through steam. This process is known as aromatherapy. To derive the best possible results the essential oils are recommended to be used by diluting with a carrier oil namely, almond or olive oil. Additionally, the essential oils can simply be used by adding few drops of oil to the running bath. Thus, there are several ways to let skin feed on essential oils; it entirely depends on the individual choice.

By now we know essential oils are organic oils that provide immense benefits to the skin.  Most importantly these oils do not show any ill-effects if they are used appropriately, after following the suggested procedure and advice from the dermatologist. Thus, we firmly suggest the use of essential oils in daily life, but before that, it is more essential to be aware of what your skin demands. 


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