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What Is Hydra Facial Machine & Its Operational Process

What is Hydra Facial Machine?

The prominent skin treatment, hydra facial is done using the aesthetic technology that aims to hydrate the skin.  With the efficient use of hydra facial machines, one can certainly witness significant changes in their skin health.

The hydra facial machine is a perfectly designed tool to work magic on your skin as it includes a water jet hydra dermabrasion, ultrasound handle, RF frequency handle, micro-electric therapy handle, oxygen spray gun, ice repair handle, LED facial masks, and a lot more to add complete pleasure to the skin.


Moreover, the entire hydra facial treatment is done using a vortex swirling wand to remove dirt, debris, dead skin, blackheads, and other impurities.

Operational Process of Hydra facial Machine

The 30-45 minutes of skin treatment with a hydra facial machine is suitable for all skin types and does not require any downtime. The economical, comfortable, and result-driven technology of hydra facial provides a smooth experience to the skin with its subtle procedures.

  1. The hydra facial begins by cleaning the skin with is done using the bubble clean pen which acts as the magic wand. With this exfoliation, skin starts feeling fresh and bucks up for the further process.
  2. The required serum or solution is then induced in the machine by the ultrasound head. This helps to loosen the impurities and the debris.
  3. The open pores of the RF handle come into an active role and absorb the nutrient content for the skin. This vacuum handle sucks the unrequited elements from the clogged pores and creates room for an injection of strength through nutrient components.
  4. Furthermore, it leads to cooling of the induced solution which is then responsible for locking the nutrient content in the skin.
  5. Followed by cleaning and inducing nutrients into the skin, Bio face lifting takes place which itself brings a much better difference in the skin.
  6. Next, the oxygen injection handle is used to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin. As a result, skin feels completely new and refined.

Things to consider before hydra facial treatment

Inarguably, hydra facial can do wonders to the skin but there is a bit of caution required before you plan to get it done.

Yes, it is important to avoid the use of laser and deep chemical peel treatment at least 2 weeks before the hydra facial. Also, make sure that products containing benzoyl peroxide & salicylic acid are not used for at least 48 hours before your hydra facial is scheduled.

Additionally not to forget, this treatment does not require you to shave your face, so completely avoid shaving on the same day of getting it done. Lately, try and avoid exposure to the sun if possible.

Final Words

The hydra facial is completely a professional skin treatment and requires a bit of prior self-preparation without which it would be slightly difficult to get the best results. So, make sure to be completely aware of the pre and post-requirement of the process.