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Waxing Tips For Beginners – Do’s & Dont’s

Whether you’re waxing for the first time or if you want to protect your skin from irritation better, AllLoveCollection experts put together some waxing tips to give you a better experience.

When you are waxing, you need to consider few points on your mind. I suggest you do waxing in a professional salon-like AllLoveCollections, Pasadena.

Beginner’s Waxing Tips


Don’t DIY

If you are doing waxing at home and your first time, you should see Waxing Pasadena professionals. Doing the process by yourself maybe save you a few dollars. But if you didn’t use the correct equipment and then it will create mess and pain. Trust me, without any experience – it will be much more complicated. So don’t try at home!


Moisture your skin

When your skin is well hydrated, body hair thickens with water and separates from the skin more quickly – this results to cause less chance of irritation. So Moisture the area before shave for about three minutes with hot water in the shower or bathtub.


Exfoliate the skin

If you want a closer, longer-lasting waxing, try the exfoliating process before shaving. Exfoliation helps to remove your dead skin from the surface, and it makes the blade slide over the skin more easily.

Otherwise, you risk causing more irritation. Use a sponge or an exfoliating agent in the shower for best results.


Use moisturizer after Waxing

When you’ve finished waxing, rinse, dry your skin and apply your favorite moisturizer. Using moisturizer cream helps you to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Also, using soap and water can cause dry skin. So I recommend moisturizer for soft skin.

My Opinion:

If you are in Pasadena and if you want to do waxing – then go for AllLoveCollections. They are 100% professionals, and they handle with total care. The prices are too affordable here.

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