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Ultimate Guide To Korean Facial Massage Treatment in Pasadena

We all agree that Korean cosmetics are currently light years ahead of the competition. But a lot of technique also comes with the finished product. Since everyone with nice skin appears to swear by the elusive face massage, it’s about time we started learning, to be honest.

However, we were curious as to how exactly one massages their face and whether doing so will give us skin similar to that of Alicia Yoon, founder and CEO of Peach & Lily (the ultimate Korean beauty source) if we do. So we carried out our routine as usual.

What Does a Korean Facial Massage Do?

The advantages of using Korean facial massage techniques are innumerable. Still, they include desirable outcomes like balancing out facial asymmetry, relaxing the jaw, and, of course, having a lifted, sculpted appearance overall.

What if you could combine the face-sculpting benefits of a thread lift with the glow-giving effects of a facial (without shelling out a lot of money)

Working out, or activating, the muscles in your face through vigorous massage and specific motions is the secret to Korean facial massage. Massaging your way to bright, ultra glowy skin may boost blood flow to your face, promote lymphatic drainage, and increase collagen formation by kneading your muscles.

Did you know that your face is made up of 42 different muscles? And to stay in good condition, they require training just as your glutes, quads, and triceps do. Fine lines, wrinkles, inflammation, and an overall stressed-out appearance result from dull, weary, sagging skin.

Step by Step To Do Korean Facial Massage

  1. The initial phase of a facial workout? ensuring that your skin has adequate “slip.” Give your hands and instruments a wet surface to work on rather than pulling at muscles (and causing extra harm).
  2. Before massaging the skin, use 1-3 pumps of this luxurious facial oil.
  3. Drop and give us 10—that is, minutes. Yes, just five to ten minutes of upward and outward strokes along the lines of your face are all necessary to get noticeable effects.
  4. With this roller, you may simulate the claw-like Korean jaw massage method without having to use your hands (and run the danger of carpal tunnel syndrome). The best part is that you can work out while binge-watching.
  5. Finally, this compact, lightweight, and travel-friendly face roller can tighten skin and provide the advantages of cold therapy treatment.
  6. You can chill this lousy boy before using it to boost outcomes. Roll the cold feeling upwards and outwards, even down to your dellocotage area, to feel how pleasant and revitalizing it is on the skin.
  7. Massage the philtrum- Use the middle and ring fingers, slightly press around the mouth: above your upper lip/cupid’s bow. Slowly take about 4-5 times. Then you make the corners of the mouth to repeat the cheeks 3-4 times.
  8. Massage the temporal forehead- Place the palm of your hand on the temples, turning slightly. This movement helps you relax your face and improve headaches.
  9. Apply serum or moisturizer to skin: You should cover your skin with a layer of moisturizer or serum. This facilitates the movement of our hands and promotes deep skin penetration.
  10. Two points to consider before using a serum or moisturizer are: You should massage your face in the proper direction of the facial muscle and use heat to assist the essence in entering deeply into the skin.
  11. Pressure should be applied to the palms of the hands to warm up the skin before applying serum or moisturizer.
  12. Next, place the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin on the face as five points.
  13. Apply the cream from the chin to the horizontal, starting at the cheekbones.

DIY Korean Massages In Pasadena


The Internet is replete with do-it-yourself remedies for a smaller face, including wraps, oscillating devices, and rollers, which are so well-liked in Korea that even dollar stores sell them for individuals in a bind.

These products, like professional V-line massages, are supposed to be used repeatedly to produce results, and many Korean beauty bloggers have their combinations of methods and equipment. ReFa Carat, a solar-powered roller covered in platinum, is one of the most well-liked face-massaging devices.

It produces micro-currents that resemble the faint electrical current that human skin naturally possesses. These currents, in ReFa’s opinion, keep the skin appearing fresh. It’s also what this insanely young-looking-for-her-age Japanese lady uses daily.



Facial massage has long been thought of as a technique to improve skin, tighten the face, flush out toxins, and enhance skin health. You will learn incredible face massage techniques from us that aren’t as traditional as those used by Korean women.