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What Is Plasma Facial (PRP Facial) Treatment?


The concept of plasma facial has turned out to be the most debatable topic in recent times. Ideally, it is not just a plasma facial, but Platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) facial, and this elaboration itself defines how healthy this prp facial treatment is!

Inarguably, PRP facial undergoes several complex procedures that the subject matter experts shall strictly perform to avoid the ill effects of the same. Thus, the performance of this crucial skin treatment under the guidance of non-experts leads to doors wide-open for the myths and rumors to replace its potentially healthy space.

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What is PRP facial and how is it performed?

What is a plasma facial? As discussed PRP stands for platelet rich plasma facial where one’s own blood platelets and plasma are used on the face. As a result, the natural chemicals in the PRP are micro-needled back to the skin.

To be noted, red cells are nowhere used in the process. Let’s understand in detail, how this complex yet impactful prp plasma facial is performed. Here you can see plasma facial treatment before and after:

  • On the day of the appointment, the technicians draw the blood and use a centrifuge to separate red cells from it. The remaining platelet-rich plasma is set aside to be used in the process as this protein-rich plasma helps to stimulate collagen production on the face skin.
  • To ensure that skin feels numb, topical cream is used about 15-20 minutes before the treatment starts.  Followed by the infusion of r Phyto-boost of hyaluronic acid, thus the skin becomes fully hydrated and pigmentation-free by now.
  • Once the skin feels hydrated, the plasma is spread across the face and a micro-needling device is used to allow protein-rich substances to travel in the depth of the skin. With such infusion of PRP into the skin, it experiences double collagen-boosting,
  • Alongside, for the deep lines and small wrinkles, and other skin ailments, the experts use fillers / Botox. This is an additional process only for the high volume deficient skin.

Benefits of Plasma Facial Treatment

So far, you must be wondering, why bear this pain? Is it even worth it? The answer is a big YES; plasma facial is all a win-win situation for your skin health. For everyone aiming to tackle the following concerns for a long-lasting period, micro-needling is an apt process.

  • It helps to reduce wrinkles and stretch marks.
  • It works effectively for acne scars and skin discoloration.
  • Acts as a prominent solution to enhance skin thickness.
  • No scope for dead skin cells to exist as it is replaced by protein-rich plasma.
  • The collagen production increases, as a result, skin feels lighter, brighter, and young.
  • With this the complete plasma facial rejuvenation takes place.

Final Words

Though after the completion of the process you might experience superficial pain or minor bruising due to the micro-needling technique. But that shouldn’t trouble or dishearten you at all because this does not stay much longer.

Furthermore, one can witness gradual improvements within 2-3 weeks of the treatment. So, be the next one in the row to consult the right expertise and experience a revolutionary skin change with PRP facial.