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Plasma Beauty?

Discovered by NASA, plasma takes up 99% of the whole universe. And it keeps the skin more healthy and beautiful by helping sterilize hazardous substances in the skin, regenerating the skin, and increasing its elasticity.


Solid, Liquid, Gas and Plasma – which refers to the fourth phase of matter which appears when energy is applied to it. Of all the phases, plasma keeps the largest amount of energy. The light emitted from lightning is plasma.

The Light – The ions created in plasma register sterilizing and disinfecting action by decomposing nearby harmful molecules.

Make Your Skin Come Alive

With advanced plasma technology using Plabeau:

  • Improved skin moisturizing effect and less itchiness
  • Wrinkle reduction effect through invigoration of skin cells
  • Relieving skin troubles like acne, atopic dermatitis and itchiness
  • Skin brightening and skin tone improving effect
  • Improves skin elasticity and wrinkles
Improvements in skin tone and texture

Plabeau suppresses the synthesis of melanin cells that cause skin darkening and invigorates skin cells for brighter skin.


Wrinkle reduction and increased skin resilience

Plabeau enhances synthesis of collagen and elastin that are the most important substances in skin resilience by stimulating fibroblast in the skin. This means it is effective in reducing wrinkles, increasing skin resilience and reducing scars.


Improved skin moisturizing effect & less itchiness

Plabeau is the first skin cosmetic device to be certified by Korea Atopy Association. Plabeau reinforces skin barrier to reduce skin itchiness while enhancing skin moisturizing effect. Less itchiness naturally means less scratching of skin, hence skin damage caused from scratching will drastically reduce. This means ultimate aid to patients of atopic skin.


Less skin trouble

Plabeau sterilizes viruses and harmful germs that cause skin troubles such as acne by using sterilizing effect (similar to high temperatures at 3,500°C) of plasma.


Improved absorption rate of skincare products

When skin is treated with plasma, the skin surface’s susceptibility to absorption increases. Hence, applying clean products after using the plasma device helps because the good substances in these products can deeply penetrate into the skin.