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Summer is not everyone’s favorite season. This is that time of the year when our skin starts needing a lot of attention and care and we as procrastinators try and run away from the extra work. Our skin requirements change as the weather changes.

As the day proceeds and the sun comes over our heads, the heat gets more and more unbearable and this can lead to many skin problems like sunburns, irritation, patches, and many major problems as well.

Dermatologists have suggested keeping extra care of your skin during summers and have given us many ways to avoid common daily life skin problems.

Why is hydration important?

Our skin is made up of three layers

  1. Epidermis (the outer layer)
  2. Dermis (the underlying skin)
  3. Subcutaneous tissue

It is very important to keep the outermost layer, the epidermis, well-moisturized else the skin will start feeling rough and might even lose its elasticity.

With the lack of hydration, your skin might start feeling dry, flaky, red, inflamed, itchy, and even promote fine lines and wrinkles due to the shrinking of skin cells. It loses its softness and starts giving an unhealthy outlook.

Methods to hydrate your skin

Here are some ways recommended by dermatologists to keep your skin hydrated:


Our skin is very sensitive and needs tremendous care, especially during summers when it loses its moisture very easily.

You can prevent your skin from dryness and adverse conditions by taking some simple steps like drinking water, eating the right foods, and moisturizing it from time to time. Hydration is key for healthy and glowing skin.