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How To Perform Hydra Facials – Detailed Guide

Do you know how significant it is to take care of your skin? Especially your face? 

 Yes, the face is the first thing any human being will notice. That said, doing regular facials can help strengthen your skin and prepare it for the effects of aging. 

Now, there are distinctive types of the facial present. If you are a bit confused about which one is the best for your skin, irrespective of your skin type, I recommend you try Hydrafacial. 

 Hydrafacial is a facial that removes the dirt from your skin pores with the help of painless suction and nourishes your skin with moisturizers. 

 Also, Hydrafacial is becoming so popular these days that every 15 seconds, someone in this world is performing this facial. So now, let’s learn how this facial is performed. 

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This hydrafacial is in four steps. They are listed below.

 This facial involves using a machine that comes with a suction wand using which you can perform the facial. Trust me; it isn’t painful at all.  


Exfoliation is a simple process that involves removing dead skin cells accumulated on the surface of your skin. Your first 18 to 23 layers of skin have dead cells, and it doesn’t reflect light and dulls your skin. Naturally, your skin sheds dead cells on its own. But still, exfoliation boosts up the process. So exfoliation is done first. 

A deplaning tool is used to sweep the dead skin cells. This process opens up your pores and increases skin hydration.

Once the dead cells from your face are removed, your skin will look clean and glowing.  



Now that your skin is fresh with pores opened. A non-irritant solution made of glycolic and salicylic acid is applied to your skin. Since your pores are opened, this nutrient-rich solution penetrates deep in your pores and loosens the dirt and debris occupied in there. 



Once the dirt and debris are loosened, it is time to remove it. I know some people might have had painful experiences while removing peels. This is frequent in some traditional facials. But the process here is something out of the ordinary.  

A suction wand is used to remove all the dirt clogged in your pores. This is a painless process because we have already loosened the dirt by applying a solution.  



This is the final step. Now collagen, which is nothing but a mix of potent antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and peptides, and multi-peptides, is gently applied to your skin to promote hydration and elasticity. This serum greatly helps in treating wrinkles, sun damage, uneven skin tones, hyperpigmentation, and oiliness.  

And you are done. Get a mirror, and you will be surprised by the magic that this facial has done to your face.  

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I know you would get this question. At times, we are either too lazy to go to the salon or think that we save money by doing it at home. But the problem here is though you can perform this facial at home, chances are there to damage your skin by doing it inappropriately. Also, buying the required tools is quite expensive than doing this facial at a salon. 

Again, I know that you have to dig a little to choose the best salon. Don’t worry; I have done the job for you. Yes, as per my research, I have found the best hydra facial salon in Pasadena that has experts to perform hydrafacial. So feel free to check out our AllLoveCollections salon.  


I hope you found this article intriguing. Let me conclude by stating the reason why this hydrafacial is popular. Hydrafacial can be done to people of all ages, complexions, and skin problems. You get instant glowing results, and the best part is there aren’t any side effects. Do I say more?