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What Should You Expect From A One-Hour Facial?

After long and exposed ours in the heat, sunlight, and dirt, our skin loses its soft texture and glowing quality. In today’s time, facials have come out to be skin saviors. Facials are a wonderful way of rejuvenating our skin and providing it with the required care and love it deserves. Facials help in cleaning out clogged pores and acne and all the impurities that our skin collects due to long and exposed hours outside our homes.

Some facials that you must try!

Here at, we provide some very unique and refreshing facials that can hardly be accessed anywhere else and are dermatologically recommended. Here they are:

  • Hydra facial
  • Plasma facial
  • Arm and shoulder aroma massage

Here is what you can expect with us in a one-hour facial…

Hydra Facial and its procedure

We get started with our signature facial - Hydra facial in Pasadena.
First, we kick off the session with the necessary requirements, i.e., the removal of dead skin cells. This process is crucial as these dead skin cells cause most of the skin problems that we face.
Next, we continue on with the process of cleansing our skin by removing blackheads, blemishes, oil, and dirt from your face. This leaves your skin looking clean and refreshed.
Masks are really important for our skin to help it retain some essentials nutrients and moisture and it helps in giving it a hydrated look. Hence the next step will be applying a purifying mask.
Next, we use suctioning to remove blackheads/whiteheads from our skin without damaging it.
After all this harshness on your skin, a facial massage is given to help calm down your skin and making sure that the oils and moisture are retained by the skin.
Serum infusion is done in the next step.
LED light is used to help with acne, and it also helps the skin to regenerate from aging.


Plasma Facial and its procedure

After this wonderful facial session, we will continue with the plasma facial Pasadena. Here’s what you can expect from that:
Absorption Enhancement
Collagen boosting
Wrinkles reduction
Skin brightening
Sterilization and Soothing
Deep cleansing


Arm & Shoulder Massage and its procedure

This session will leave your skin in the best shape it has been in for a while. But wait! This is not all that you will be provided within an hours’ time. We still have the arm and shoulder massage in Pasadena! Here are some benefits of this massage:
Enhanced circulation. As any professional would recommend, these sessions help to relax your skin and help in blood circulation.
Pain relief.
Full relaxation.
Aroma oil.

Final Words

After this one-hour session, you will feel so much better than when you stepped into the salon. This session is the ultimate relaxation guide to clear skin and refreshes your mind and soul. With the combination of these wonderful facials and massages, give your skin the pampering and love it deserves.