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Does Light Therapy Really Improve Your Skin

Amidst the numerous traditional beauty treatments, LED light therapy has grown into a big buzz. Its reliable procedures and promising results have made it the popular choice of celebrities and others across the world.

Hence, dealing with skin ailments is no more an agony rather an amazing experience with LED light therapy. So, let’s find out what promising impact does light therapy has on human skin.

Types of Lights used in Light Therapy

Precisely, this skin treatment works by emitting infrared lights in the required wavelengths and spectrums. The LED light therapy is based on the use of three light colors – Red, White, and Blue. Red light is widely used to promote circulation in the skin.

As a result, it is responsible for strengthening and maximizing the cellular structure. Besides this, it targets oil glands and reduces cytokines. On the other hand, the white light penetrates deeper into the skin and helps to treat skin inflammation whereas blue light acts as the antibacterial component, thus helping to kill bacteria.

How does Light Therapy improve Skin?

In addition to the basic skin improvements, Light Therapy provides the following advanced benefits. To ensure that the desired skin ailments are treated the selection of the right light component is the mandatory step and requires expert consultation. Light Therapy is the most sorted method to let skin experience the following perks.

  • It helps to smoothen wrinkles and fine lines
  • Acts as the anti-inflammatory practice
  • Reduces the acne scars on the skin
  • Promotes cellular circulation
  • Decreases breakouts by killing acne-causing bacteria
  • Undoubtedly, promotes skin brightness
  • Stimulate the collagen production

Hence, Light Therapy can be considered as the one-stop junction for smoothening the skincare journey without much hassle.

LED Light Therapy v/s Micro-needling

Oftentimes people confuse Micro-needling with LED Light Therapy and draw a line of similarity between the two of these popular methods. However, both skin treatment therapies differ on a significant level.

In the Micro-needling process, the heat energy and derma roller needle are the basic components that are used to rejuvenate the skin and act defensive against wrinkles and fine lines.

On the other LED Light Facial is the more invasive process whereas Micro-needling is one of the steps involved in the process of Light Facial. Hence, the latter is an advanced skin treatment holding the potential to address multiple skin concerns.

Aftercare for LED Light Therapy

Since LED light therapy is completely non-invasive, therefore does not require any recovery time. Moreover, after the person undergoes LED skin treatment, there exists no restriction on performing everyday activities.

It is strongly recommended to avoid heat treatment and apply makeup for at least 24 hours.  A derma planning strategy suggested by the professional shall be carried out for a minimum of 3 weeks to witness the long-lasting results on the skin.

As a result, light therapy is typically recommended every two or three weeks to experience flawless skin.

Final Words

Evidently, Light Therapy has great influence on the skin which leads to improvement in the overall skin health.  However, requires immense precision therefore it is wise to book an appointment with the experts and let professionals do it with utmost care.