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All Love Collections started out in a small storefront serving San Gabriel after a small family fell in love with creating homemade organic skincare and body products.  

I’m Kimberly Oler and I created Aarde Cosmetics.  Aarde is a Dutch word that means earth.  I formulated skincare products made of only organic products.

 We moved to Pasadena in Spring 2018.   As these products changed our lives, we begin to reach out to other families and friends with these products. Soon enough, we begin to change and make a difference to the community around us. We felt inspired to sell organic products as a way to change people’s lives and to bring people closer together. Our mission is to provide customers with unique products and gift – giving experiences that touch people’s lives. We strive to ensure that every product leaving our doors is nearly perfect, as we remember that our commitment to the community is the reason why we started. We truly hope you enjoy our products and what we have to offer here at All Love Collections.


All Love Collections
107 S. Fair Oaks Ave. #107 Pasadena, CA 91105



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