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I bought a build your own basket as part of my anniversary present for my wife.  Once I gave it to my wife, she took over an hour bath and said she has never been so pleased with a gift basket.  She loved bath bomb & bath salt a lot. Also she loved the creams and other cosmetic products.. It was well worth the money and i will definitely order from this company again.

Sean Oler

This candle smells wonderful, which is why I bought it and was supposed to be a gift. SO I ordered some more. All love collections soy candles burned clean, last long and utilize all the wax in the jar. I love it. Also I ordered two organic African black soap bars and one liquid. They werewonderful. Try it. If your skin is too dry, I recommend an organic African black liquid soap.

Jenny Kim

My boyfriend bought the bath bombs for a birthday gift.At least once a week after a heavy workout, I like to soak in a hot bath to soothe and relax my muscles. Curious, I tried one of the bombs in my bath this week and it was great. The aroma add a new dimension to bathing; a totally new experience. I added more hot water and stayed in longer than normal.
Amazing product I felt like I was in a 5 star spa or natural hot springs in my own home! Also their dark chocolate is very good, too..

Linda Owens